the problems of Google Ad Sense

I direct you to this article in the “American Conservative “, a bastion of isolationism.  The article calls to “ditch the Carter Doctrine” and remove our troops from Afghanistan.  Make of it what you will; I don’t really care at the moment.

What I want to direct you to now is the advertisement on the sidebar.  Ads by google.  The “Google Ad Sense” program, offered to your blog though unless your blog gets any hits you’re not going to get much money out of it.   With that, the google wanders over the website and  randomly give you:  “Find your Russian Beauty Today”.  “Browse Photos Now”.  And there is what I take to be a photograph for a “Mail Order Bride” possibility that you might just pursue — an attractive smiling blond Russian woman in a bikini.  Purchase her marriage today, why dontcha?

I’m just trying to get some perspective on geopolitics and the history of foreign policy decisions here.  I’m not in the market.

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