Movie Marquee stars

Look at the name in the marquee.


Ron Paul discusses his role here.  I have to side with Paul, whose only “crime” was using the word “queer” as he left the room, and see no real amusement value in 90 minutes of a man rubbing his butt cheeks at various people.

For Ron Paul’s movie career, it is a step up.  Previously, he appeared in such films as Engame:  Blueprint for Global Enslavement, a movie with the not so promising tag-line “They Want You Dead“.  I guess he’s escaped a certain type-cast: he’s role is more uptight foil than sage truth-teller.  (His fans tend to watch other movies and insert him as the hero.)

Both films pretend to have redeemable political and social commentary, but cater to a base level instinct.
(It is worth mentioning that I pulled the youtube video from a blog, in searching for this thing, entitled “Deconstructing the Jewish Crime Network”, the url address including the word “zion” — which is the type of thing which will be sloping off of fans of the “They Want You to Die” movie.

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