Bullet point on bullet point stories

Arizona state Senator says the Earth is 6,000 years old.  My thought on hearing this story, honestly?  Dog bites man.  This is the type of item which is fodder for various bloggers and MSNBC hosts, but not worth too much mention in the grand scheme of things — wait a week and we’ll have someone else saying it again.

The same might be said for the Fox News dolts who leapt into commentary on a scientific study by observing that we Americans “keep marrying other species and other ethnics.”   Okay.  That was a stupid comment.  But what’s the point?  “Fox and Friends” is the dumbest part of a dumb line-up, a set of “news” commentary dolts whose vacuuousness is not exceeded by anyone anywhere.  I know and basically understand the “movement conservatives” attracted to “Hannity”, but I am puzzled by your Fox and Friends.  Who watches this crap?

A bit more substantial, as these things go, was the Glenn Beck interview with a CIA creep where the (Michael Scheure) suggesting that a new 9/11 would whip us Americans back into shape.  Intelligence creeps, I believe, are a dime a dozen — yet… it needs to be noted that the man was tasked with the capture of Osama Bin Laden.  At any rate, Alex Jones has a feather in his cap to differentiate himself from Glenn Beck and consign Beck back to the category of “neo-con”.  (Even with Scheure’s somewhat more “realist” notion for perpetual war than a neo-conservative would have, a difference which sees him posted at… antiwar.com(!!!) )

Also in that realm lying in the gray area of matters of import, lies a furor over Obama Hitler signs admist the Tea-bag gathering vaguely associated with Republicans.  It is the bizarro version of the Republican chomping at a couple of moveon.org “Bush Hitler” videos in a sea of moveon.org contest entries.  This would be worth pushing to the side, except that the “Obama Hitler” is in the water — in Maryland — and that ends all well and good enough, I suppose , in Georgiadrawn back to attention with this ad, from Saturday Night Live alumnis — I don’t think Victoria Jackson is going to follow in the footsteps of Al Franken anytime soon, and from Oklahoma.
Contrary to reports, South Carolina is not giving us Obama Hitler  comparisons.  Jim DeMint compared Obama to the social democrats who came before Hitler — either Philipp Scheidemann  or Paul von Hindenburg, I guess.

Those matters out of the way, we can now turn our attention to the matters that really matter.  For instance, was Obama looking at a French girl’s butt?  AND… how about the seedy details of John Ensign’s sex scandal, and how it figures into other sex scandals?
The things… that really matter.

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