Goldman Sachs benefitting from Cap and Trade? Who cares?

Out of the Matt Taibbi – Goldman Sachs dust-up — a bit of it here,
he brings to the attention that Goldman Sachs is set to profit from the Cap and Trade bill.

Of course, Mr. Goldman Sachs would.  He’s very much plugged in to the trends, and can hedge his bets every which way in Congressional pieces of legislation.  So he’s moved forward based on that one, so intricately tied to the US Government that he is.

Not really a good argument either way regarding Cap and Trade, as against some Goldman Sachs bashing in — for instance — the Dennis Kucinich question at the time of the first bank bail-out Is this the U.S. Congress or the Board of Directors at Goldman Sachs?”.

Actually, I am left wondering about the greasing of the wheels for support from Big Corn in advancing the great savior “Ethanol”, skewing and disfiguring the policy unnaturally.    I have read a small amount of literature decrying Ethanol, and a smaller amount defending it.  My guess is that this geo-politically convenient energe source had better match the defenders’, lest this make “Cap and Trade” ever more useless, and…

… Obama’s legacy turn out to be one of swatting flies.

Maybe it matters not so much.  It barely passed the House.  Anything is supposed to be apt to pass the House.  I have a difficult time seeing the headlines as “Legislative Victory”, seeing the future in the Senate.  Maybe a “Clean Coal” allowance can be greased through to keep Byrd on board.

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