that’s the end of his presidential run

Quick!  Name this Politicians!


If you said, John Ensign, you’re more knowledgable about putting names to US Senators than I was a day ago.

I find it difficult to care in any way, shape, or form about the revelations of John Ensign’s affair, and the attempted cover-up, and the attempted extortion.  I don’t even really care enough to not even care.  But something that I need to suggest about this bit of political wisdom:

The political coverage about John Ensign’s scandal keeps referring to its damage on John Ensign’s possible 2012 presidential candidacy.


So far as I can tell, speculation about a “possible” John Ensign presidential bid came to the forefront when he ducked into Iowa to make a speech.

The effect of the low bar of presidential speculation is such that, for instance, this “Invisible Primary” feature on the Atlantic website (Marc Ambinder’s Politics blog) includes such “presidential timber” figures who will never in a million years actually end up Presidential nominees and will spend their career probably in the House and perhaps into the Senate — as Eric Cantor and Mike Pence.

Also people like John Ensign get mentioned.

I think at this point every Republican politician everywhere might as well be lumped into the “Invisible Primary” race, and assumed or presumed to be either running or ready to be drafted, because they stand on the ready to take the Republican Party in precisely the place it needs to go toward electoral victory.  It’s a shame that John Ensign’s run has been derailed, because of all the things he brought to the table.

Such as…
And also…
Then there’s Ensign’s great ability to…


Can he read a teleprompter?

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