the narcissism of michael savage in projecting himself into British elections

Michael Savage has, pretty understandably — even months after the fact, taken up the issue of his bandishment from Great Britain in the form of listing on a “Do Not Enter” List.  I’m not entirely sure the man even has any desire to visit Great Britain, though it’s quite possible he has more desire to do so now that it’s been waved before him as Forbidden Fruit.   From this comes some amusing lines of Narcissim:

He calls for the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown to take him off the list and protect the free speech.  This comes off the pointers from Gordon Brown’s speech at “Obama Beach” (heh heh) on the inevitable defeat of Tyranny and the victory of Freedom as the story of Human Civilization.  It does take some galls to compare the defeat of Nazi Totalitarianism to the personal pecadilla of an overly-politically-correct government banning an inflamatory shock jock.

But it became stranger still, as Savage cited the recent Larbor Party losses and predicted the fall of Brown’s administration due to this great Savage Issue, throwing out an ultamatum of removing him from the Banned List and “you might just save your political future” or Face Certain Defeat.  As though the greatest and biggest issue that the British electorate are thinking about is Michael Savage.

I suppose you would want to know what Savage discussed next?  He sequed into a faux-interview with a reporter for World Net Daily about Obama’s use of the word “Holy Quran” and repeated Quran quotes which served as coded messages calling on the Muslim World toward Jihad.  Strangely enough, I was more phased by the conceit of this production — it was essentially a taped commentary from the World Net Daily man with Savage placing afterward interjections into the recording — wondering what was the point.

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  1. lexi Says:

    Savage is a narcissist. He thinks the world revolves around him and immediately retaliates against anyone who withholds narcissistic supply. Far from speaking truth to power, he says whatever will get him more attention. First, he hated Sarah Palin as an embarrassing, inexperienced mental midget. Then, after cannoodling with Palin-backer Donald Trump in Florida, all of a sudden Palin was a brilliant contribution to the conservative cause.

    He plagiarizes the ideas of others, typically without attribution while proclaiming his genius before the world. He then trademarks his stupid saying, thinking they are genius and worthy of theft — including “unprotected talk,” befitting Little Weiner Nation. Is the sexual allusion really lost on anyone? Have “unprotected talk/sex” with Michael Savage.

    Lots of his ideas are obvious and already pronounced by other public figures — or divined by millions of listeners at home…but if Savage says it and then hears others hearing the same, he assumes they must be copying him.

    Granted, Savage is extremely successful. He is also a legend in his own mind and patholoically narcissistic, self-absorbed, and downright nuts.

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