regime change through the act of speechifying #2

All the merely petty and spiteful arrows aimed at him have fallen blunted and broken from his shield.” — a NYT endorsement editorial for a forgettable presidential candidate, first half of the last century.

I can never be sure if it’s fair to cite the single most tedious of partisan hacks as THE political argument on the matters of the day — is referencing the words of Sean Hannity a dip to the old Straw-Man?  But, regarding the Obama Cairo speech, Sean Hannity gave us this rather breath-taking piece of propaganda.:

HANNITY: He also decided to give 9-11 sympathizers a voice on the world stage.

OBAMA : I am aware that there are still some that would question or even justify the events of 9-11.

Context is everything, as Obama went on to state that this was completely divorced from reality.  But anyone paying even the remotest attention with an iota of common sense would know where the pit-fall comes in in clipping off a single line of Obama’s speech to make an audacious value call.

One far more valuable criticism of Obama’s speech pertained to the limits of “Soft Power” — all of what Obama said was good and well, but, in a few days the elections in Lebanon are expected to bring Hezbelloh to power.  What then?

I was startled yesterday when, looking around the news, I saw the headline — a minor upset.  Go figure.  I suppose one shouldn’t over-state those results, and this seems to end up less good news and more not bad news.   And yet — and yet — and yet —

It looks like as much of a nudge as Obama can throw there, and as much keeping some space in the International arena with which to work.

I suppose there’s a trap waiting here.  Presume Ahmajinedad wins the election in Iran.  Is that going to be an Iranian reaction toward Obama’s speech and overtures, as much as Ahmajinedad losing would be a reaction toward Obama’s speech and overtures?  Those assessments only go so far.

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