Oh, it is ON, Kim Jong Il. It is ON!!!

In a statement released by the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), North Korea said it no longer felt bound by the Korean War armistice .

You know, I’ve long since tired of that Truce, and have wanted to see a resumption of the tv program MASH, and to resolve these matters once and for all.  IT … IS … ON… KIM JONG IL.

I demand our government to start pumping out the propaganda en route to the resumption of the Korean War.  It should use language more colorful than theirs:

The DPRK has single-minded unity more powerful than nuclear weapons and invincible military capability unfathomable in its range and depth.
The U.S. moves to mount a pre-emptive attack on the DPRK are as foolish an attempt as taking oil to extinguish the fire.
The U.S. would be well advised to halt at once its dangerous military moves against the DPRK if it wants to escape the lot of a tiger moth, bearing deep in mind that any attempt to make a pre-emptive attack on the DPRK is little short of inviting a disaster itself.

It should be noted that the Korean News Service is not all about blasting underground Nagasakis in preparation for the approaching American Imperialists, but also features such uplifting news items as:

He went round a number of construction sites through the sightseeing road built by soldiers and spread before them a far-reaching blueprint to turn the mountain into a splendid resort of cultural recreation for the people.
The sun of May Day began to sink unnoticed.
Out of the ardent desire to provide him a happy time, if but for a moment, officials earnestly asked him to have a picture taken with them against the background of the picturesque scenery of the mountain.
He smiled a generous smile of understanding and said that was not a good idea when the resort was in the thick of construction and he would come again after the completion of the project and have a souvenir picture taken.
The officials were choked with emotion at his words full of warm love for the toiling soldier builders whom he thought before anyone else.
The story about the souvenir picture which was not taken will go down long to the posterity as a legend of the leader’s love for the KPA soldiers along with Mt. Kuwol, a famous mountain of the people.

The conventional unconventional wisdom is something to the effect of a giant shrug.  There is some internal combombulations within the Hermit Kingdom, and so to bring his reign of power in the aging Swedish Porn Enthusiast and Last Remaining Stalinist is stomping his feet demanding to be heard.  It’s mostly just all kind of unpleasant.

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