a night in the life of a typical comment section for a post on a major liberal blog

Alright.  A proper analysis of the Stock Market yesterday, gotten from a message board I frequent, was “The Market seems to have reacted to the Obama speech by going sideways” — which is to say at any given time yesterday, the Dow was up or down.

Hence, Drudge was playing games yesterday.  The one thing you can say is that it’s a bit more comfortable than seeing a stock market up-tik, and the up-tik being credited to Ben Bernake commenting that he believes the Recession will be over by the end of the year… which, if that’s what it takes to get the Dow Up and if the Dow is the end all be all (really, it’s import to the Front of the Line of Economic Coverage comes from it’s numbers flucuating and thus having hard numbers to follow all day, hence Drudge’s headline), Bernanke could just say every day “Yep!  Recession Over in 300 days!”, every day that same line — then we’ll be right back on track to Dow 36,000.  (Or, good lord, Customers who bought that book also bought Dow 40,000 and Dow 100,000.  I made a mint off of my quickie book Dow 900,000,000,000,000.)

But, it’s interesting to note the luminaries who post to thinkprogress.  Check this out, it’s an effect that you’ll see just about everywhere:

Comment #4 is raynman Comment #5 is fletc3her.  Names picked why, who knows — Commenter #4 may be a Dustin Hoffman fan, Commenter #5 must be a fan of the old Popeye and Superman animated cartoons, and of the number 3. 

Okay.  Now we get to the part that is always a little bit fascinating.  The Big Names.  This Think Progress post was read and commented on by John Kerry, Henry Wallace, Ape-Man, and Eugene Debs.  John Kerry is a conservative — I guess using the nom-de-plome of an unsuccessful presidential candidate? — who sends a shrill siren against the Liberals, which inspires commenters to come out as the former vice president and later Communist Dupe of a Third Party presidential candidate Henry Wallace and the Socialist Agitator and Pacifist Political Prisoner Eugene Debs.  (And, um, Ape-Man, who needs no introduction.)  I am not entirely sure the depths of this political commentary — are Henry Wallace and Eugene Debs seeking to expand John Kerry’s historical purview, or perhaps John Kerry’s more limited ideological spectrum?

Later on we have the slogan names “IgnoranceIsNotBliss” and the always present partisan anony-names “RepublicansHateFacts”.  About the only interesting name after the Kerry–Wallace–Debs trio is the “Dogfather”.  Get it?  It’s Godfather but with the God reversed to Dog?  I don’t regard “Barack Obomber” as interesting, though I will suggest that the name could very easily be picked up “from the left”.

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