Blog cliche #4: Posting amusing spam messages

For whatever reason, some comments I made were showing up in the “Spam” folder.  So I had to wade through the spam to get my comment out, and thus I had the pleasure to read… what, I don’t know.  (Note:  this was filled to the brim with links.)

I over you are not that old to reject sex with your partner. But what is the warranty that you compel require ample and prolonged erection to unabated your reproductive motion if you are pain from helplessness due to erectile dysfunction (ED)?

You discern Buying viagra online absolutely mercifully that dive conditions of the fraternity and uncertain is the key factors of Men?s vigour. Also to be verbatim a constitutionful child, you should also would rather your vocalize shout out propagative vigour which indicates your substantial propagative capability.

unfitness to convey out all the propagative functions, solidly, leads a man to impotency.  Erectile Disfunction is one lenient of impotency and accordingly is the induce of downheartedness to the people with ED.

Was this translated from Japanese?  It reads like it.  Something like this: 

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