Russian Kook gets some more media coverage for reasons that elude me


During the late 1990s, I was a frequent listener of Art Bell.  Less so now, as I don’t much like George Noory and don’t have a huge block of high school which would be best served to be half asleep through.  A lot of psuedo-science, a good dash of paranoia.  None of them should get the time on CNN.  There might occasionally be people who would serve well to find their way into the mainstream media — I remember a good tutorial on String Theory coming out of the Art Bell show once for example — but I would say that those examples fall into a definite minority  of show guests.

Such is the case with one Igor Panarin.  If you want to put him on Coast to Coast, that’s fine, and if Drudge wants to blare his existance, that’s fine too, but what is this?

Further, if this is a prediction he’s had for the past decade, how is it a “developing story?”  This is along the same lines of seeing “Exclusive Interview” for an interview subject who has made him/herself available to every media outlet everywhere — an occurance which happens with jarring frequency.

Maybe I’m part of the problem.  It’s a variation of the “Water skiing Squirrel” Syndrome — they cover what interests the public — I posted that Drudge noted this inanity a month ago and posted the Wall Street Journal article two days ago.  Fine… from now on it’s just details of budgetary processes for me.

I demand full wall to wall coverage of Mel’s Hole now.  I will not consider CNN a credible news organization unless they work to get to the bottom of that one.

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