A terrifying picture of an imaginary world that will never come

Call me crazy, but even if I assume the great disintegration of the United States is about to occur, I don’t think this map is ever going to come to fruition. 

The flaws are pretty evident.  Why does Canada want all of that?  Wouldn’t the European Union have to change its name?  Doesn’t Mexico have its own problems — and if we’re going to go with the theory of us having a somewhat amorphous boundary — ala Illegal Immigration, why wouldn’t Southern California go to Mexico or “Mexican Influence”?

 Well, the good news is that China isn’t likely to be able to control a large mass of land off its mainland, and free of commitment to the United States, Cascadia can fight for its Independence.

I think this Russian professor basically shoved masses of states every which way to nearest power sources, with no fundamental understanding of various dynamics.  Even on the terms of a Fever Dream, this fails.  And to think, this made the headline of Drudge a couple weeks back.

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