the renewed flap Barack the Magic lesser of two evils N-word

Question the first:  Will sending the Paul Shanklin “Barack the Magic Negro” song sway the Republican Party to, counter-intuitively, embrace Chip Saltman for the position as RNC Chairman?

The more sane question is something along the lines of:  What does it say about the state of anything, such as the Republican Party, that that is even a question.  For what it is worth, I think the answer to the first question is “no” — the key figures of Republican Party are stating that this is, at the very least, rather impolitic, and in the race to bring the Republican Party out of its current doldrums in a country that just elected its first black president, it’s probably not a good first step.  The answer to the second question lies in the same manner of the prominent Republican radio talk show host excusing himself (as he did in May of 2007, and as I see commenters doing so now) because it was picked up by a LA Times editorial (and further from an old phrase for a racial literary device) and supposedly therefor exposes liberal hypocrisy, because if that editorial writer can use it in that context… why…

This satire is not too far off,  see here.

Anyway, to the original point:  You’ll probably have to figure that problem out before the absolving power of the items on this list kick in.

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