Seen Enough?

After watching the Obama Administration in action, I think it’s time to come forth and say what everybody’s thinking.  The nation is suffering from a bad case of Buyer’s Remorse, he’s shifted behind bad catch-phrases of “Change” and “Hope”, and everything in the hand-basket is still on the route to Hell.

The Barack Obama Administration has proven to be a complete and abject failure.  The economy has not significantly improved, the Terror Strikes in Mumbai have underscored that Obama has not significantly dealt with the threat of terrorism, and not only that but I don’t see Barack Obama wearing a flag pin.

That last point underscore just how correct his fiercest critics have been: his associations with radical elements such as Jeremiah Wright and Father whatshisface and Bill Ayres and on and on and his growing up in a Madrassa and all these deep suspicions everyone has suspected, have pretty much been confirmed.  He put on a flag pin to hide all of this.

I guess we just lick our chops and sit through the rest of Obama’s disasterous tenure.  Impeach him, and bring in a wise grown up replacement.  Somebody like Jeb Bush.  Jeb Bush will get out us of this disasterous experiment and put the nation back into steady hands.

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