A positive poll for George Fearing against Doc Hastings

I’m mildly obligated to point to this, and you can follow the various links there to further explosions of excitement.  It popped up in my “incoming links inbox”, which I think means Jimmy was wavering on linking to something on this blog before deciding I had nothing to link.  After all, the last time I mentioned Doc Hastings, I was posting about Gordon Allen Pross, which is a clear demonstration of my misguided priorities.  But maybe he was looking for this:

1994: JAY INSLEE, ousted. 51%, 48%.
1996: Rick Locke lost 52% to 48%.
1998: Gordon Allen Pross: 25%
2000: Jim Davis, 37%
2002: Craig Mason, 33%.
2004: Sandy Matheson 37%.
2006:  Richard Wright:  40%

So, the would be Speaker-of-the-House (heh heh heh), Richard Doc Hastings, is up by a jarringly small margin over George Fearing in an internal poll.  I recall in 2004, and maybe even last time in 2006, the Democratic candidate releasing an internal poll really early on suggesting something of a race, but the poll was laughable and incredibly leading in its questioning — too much mischief designed to get some donations.  This doesn’t have that motivation, and is at least on the surface pretty straight forward — even if the margin of error suggests anything between Fearing winning by one and Doc Hastings winning by eleven.

So, here in 2008.  Who will win?  Doc Hastings.  What — am I crazy?  You saw the past election results.  The only caveat is that in a “wave election” someone will win a seat nobody expected in their right mind could be won — as with 2006 and her, her, and him.  Somewhere on the map in this nation — a nation where Barack Obama is tossing some late dollars in the states of North Dakota, Arizona, and Georgia–, that seat exists.  And George Fearing wants you to believe it could be this seat.  Do what you can, true believers.

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