Turn, Turn, Turn

Remarked on frequently is the increasing unreality of Republican “Movement Conservatives” in such places as “The Corner” of The National Review.  This is a symptom of partisan crisis as the words “blood bath” are being used to describe the fate of the Republican Party come November right down the ticket– with a continued disbelief that the contry is readying to vote for a candidate they don’t approve of.

All things turn, turn, turn.  This happens at moments like this.  Here I can only take you back to Democratic rhetoric during the 1972 Presidential election, as Richard Nixon stomped to a massive victory over George McGovern.  You should have heard the insults and conspiracy theories and brooding being leveled at Richard Nixon.  He was called a crook, subverting Democracy and the Rule of Law on an unprecedented scale, and was the harbinger of a generation of darkness.  There was some real tin-foil hat type things, such as of a massive conspiracy of political espionage and sabotage, illegal break-ins, improper tax audits, illegal wiretapping on a massive scale, and a secret slush fund laundered in Mexico to pay those who conducted these operations — various figures of highly shady character.  There were even some threatening chants being shouted — “Four More Weeks!” — by McGovern partisans at rallies, suggesting that Nixon wouldn’t survive a second term.

So, these things come around.  Just wait a few election cycles and the silliness will collect on the Donkey side.

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