How does Biden prep for Palin, anyway?

Imagine Joseph Biden prepping for his debate with Sarah Palin.  The thing about it is, it is not too hard to conjure up what his Debate Proxy would be like in terms of politically appealing traits — imagine a more seasoned and more reasonably steady politician at least able to capture the line-up of positions, but more importantly with great ease in use of folksy mannerism and ability to zing her opponent, and most importantly never getting bogged down and able to keep her head above it all.

I have read previous insiders in presidential and vice-presidential campaigns comment that their Proxy-Debaters tend to be better than their actual opponents, which makes sense in part because the fake debaters don’t really have anything to gain or lose and can be brutally tough on their opponent without any political drawback, and is likely going to be the case with Biden versus Palin.  I don’t quite know what Joseph Biden is supposed to do in a situation like he is in, but he will have to place someone against him in his practices and assume the absolute best out of his fake Sarah Palin — the ultimate Benefit of the Doubt.  Expectations are so ridiculously low that she could exceed them and still come up short in the public’s mind.  Supposedly she ran through a mock debate and mock press conference herself, and supposedly they ended terribly — part of the Blue-Alert Conspiracy Theory about McCain’s “post-pone the debates” antics being a ploy to either cancel or post-pone for more seasoning the Biden — Palin debate.  (The Orange-Alert Conspiracy Theory is that this was wading into the idea of Cancelling the Elections.)   If true, I imagine the mock-debate prep in the McCain camp kind of dumbing down the debate to get her to meet steady goals, which is the opposite of how this is all supposed to work. 

I wonder what is the most politically astute answer to the plausible debate question “Do you believe Sarah Palin is qualified to be president of the United States?”.  Answer that to Jennifer Granholm’s face — who, at the moment, is the fake Palin, and who is qualified to be president.

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