reappropriate that expression

The front page of the Oregonian, selling its front page of its boxed street edition in the same “Bread and Circuses” manner it has since the Dawn of the Era where every few months we gets news that the newspaper is slicing its staff by a trickle, blares the news of Oregon State University’s upset of the number one USC Trojans team, complete with a full half-page photograph of an OSU star pumping his fist in the air.  What’s interesting is the story I am fairly sure what the story that would be enlarged to this huge photograph tabloid-ish stock sans the Big Game.

But, to give the OSU Beavers their props for a job well done, I will say it:


For the past couple months, knowing full well the shadow of a sithe haunting Washington Mutual, I have been snickering at that ad campaign.   All I can say is that I imagine that “Woot” would have been a more contemporarily hip ad campaign to go out on, and for that Washington Mutual deserves a whole lot of scorn.  (Or, a more seriously tid-bit here.)

But how about them Beavers?  WOO HOO!!!

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