I Refuse to Debate

Exciting News!  John McCain has conceded the election, and will cease to campaign, taking his campaign commercials off the air and allow Obama to discuss the issues all by himself at what were once debates!  He has yet to announce his intent on lifting his name off the ballot, but I guess we will just have to wait for that one.

Vive Le Presidente Barack Obama!


Okay.  Let me approach this another way.  You know.  When you have lost David Letterman, you have lost America, my friends.  I suppose this is a Jay Leno Nation, and it has been a Jay Leno Nation ever since Hugh Grant picked up a prostitute and happened to appear on Jay Leno first is his talk show circuit  — though, that probably only sped up the inevitable.  But McCain would have been far better dissing Leno, who’s broad popularity is the product of a certain toothlessness.  (The youtube clip of the hour distilled to its essential nine minutes and change is available, and probably on the front page in the “most watched” section.)
Note that the sidebar “McCain and Obama Debating Styles” section is rather moot at the moment.  We are on the verge of that old Political Theater of the “Empty Chair Debate”.  Too bad there isn’t a third candidate, as with Reagan’s debate with John Anderson, Carter opting out in protest of the inclusion of John Anderson… which was ninety or however many minutes of Anderson and Reagan effusive praise for each other.

It is a gambit and a half.  At the beginning of the day, and at the end of yesterday, new polls were released which were described as “having a lot of eye candy for Democrats.”  The McCain campaign was once again on a chart toward doom.  Yes.  Under those auspices, John McCain will now save the World.

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