nineteen percent and zero percent

A new poll from American Research Group shows that zero percent of Americans believe the economy is improving.  The poll also measured President Bush’s approval rating at 19 percent.

Hm.  Over the weekend, an editorial was published from one of those Victor Hanson Davis or Max Boot orCharles Krauthammer or one of those Intelligent Idiots, some looming in the advisor ranks of a McCain presidency, stating that age old premise en vouge since Bush’s presidency skidded firmly out of public favor — “History will vindicate Bush.  Look, over there!  TRUMAN!!”.

Still, looking down the ranks of these economic confidence indicators, it is worth noting that the “Zero” percentage is only marginally worse than the previous low, February’s 1 percent and July’s 3 percent, which shows we are right on the cusp of a rebound.  These things are cyclical, and the problem may have been that inflated sense of confidence before the bubble burst, last month when nearly one out of five people had confidence America’s economy was going anywhere. 

Bush is no Truman.  He is not Hoover, either, because I tend to think Hoover may just have been the Right Man for the Job — if it were 1920.  I don’t think Bush was the Right Man for the Job at any point in our history, and any conceivable moment in the future.

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