oh joy

Striding through a park en route to a bus stop early this morning, I looked over and saw that someone had stuck a sticker to the “Park Rules and Regulations” board.  I immediately unplastered it.

Most Endangered Species:
Help Preserve it.

And then bullet-point information on where to reach our local Neo-Nazi organization, and how you can purchase more stickers to plaster about.  They’re plenty cheap.

Now that I have posted this, I can safely throw this sticker away.  I note that my second or third most viewed entry on this blog is one noting a bit of racist Obama-related graffiti (“It’s a White House, not a Black House“).  I don’t know if that is a sign that this is going to be systematically filed into some odd “Portland neo-Nazi/Racist Activity Watch” — (I suppose there is worse activity than plastering stickers about) — but I guess the ghost of Tom Metzger hovers about here and there.

3 Responses to “oh joy”

  1. Tom Metzger Says:

    Not a ghost I am very much alive and agitating.Our men are infiltrating the demonstrators in Minneapolis in support

  2. resist.com Says:

    Whites make up only around 7% of the world population. There are perhaps 0.5 billion Whites in the entire world; for comparison, there are 1.3 billion Chinese in Red China alone and there are more than 6 billion non-Whites on Earth. We are a tiny minority worldwide already, we are becoming minorities in our own countries, we aren’t even replacing our current small population, and yet we are expected to live with and even breed with other races? This isn’t diversity. This is genocide. If we don’t start resisting genocide soon, the intelligence, ingenuity, physical diversity, uniqueness, and beauty of the White race — blue, green, and brown eyes, and blonde, red, and brown hair — will be lost forever.


  3. The ghost of Robbie J. Mathews Says:

    The time will come when you will wish for the days of stickers.. 14 88

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