Through Hack-Colored Lenses

Flip around the am radio dial a bit.  Though, in most of the country, acreage-wise especially, it will be all one splot of Republicans talking, but if there is a “Progressive Talk Radio” station, or if it’s dark out so signals will bounce through from the Big City, the exercise will be possible.  Do the simple contrast of Alternative Existences.

Party Conventions reduce the political opinion-eisters to a concentrated level of partisan hackdom whicch is difficult to define.  If you are a Democrat, everyone is brilliant, the right notes have been struck, Unity is achieved, there’s that cheer-ful Kennedy Tribute which even his political opponents will mist up toward, the most brilliant speech from a political spouse EVER, and there’s a feeling in the air.  If you’re a Republican, the Obama Campaign is in a state of dis-array, and the Biden choice proves this, this convention is incoherent and message-less, under the surface the Clinton detractors are apt to air their discontent any minute now, Jim Leach is boring, and what are these amateurs doing?

I don’t know, and I don’t know what opinion to ascribe to the opinion-less who this is directed toward for viscarel effect.  After a while I don’t know if I should really play the charade at barking about “messaging”.  Speeches range from sing-songy to crisp, the proper babies appear to be in the process of being kissed, and emotional buttons are pushed with no real harm to you or I.

The greatest offender are actually non-attached.  The curmudgeons at Reason appear to believe this convention is a disasterous Hindenburg for the Democrats.  Nothing is going right for these Democrats, and they provide the snickering commentary over at their blog.  If they say so, and they are divested in mocking the media narrative of finding the Clinton-dead-ender drama, even while reporting that it doesn’t really exist, and thus perpetuating it.  But what hit me was their bluster against the Jimmy Carter tribute video, something that somehow shows the Democrats’ cluelessness.  Understand, in 2004 the Republicans had a minimalist tribute to Gerald Ford and another to George H W Bush.  So here it is in 2008… Jimmy Carter, Bitches!  I suppose if the Democrats wanted to be bold they might have portrayed him as a Prophet Without Honor in seeking alternative sources for energy (albeit in the Carter Administration speech of woe it was largely Coal that was referenced), but the safe hole is always the post-presidency Habitat for Humanity.  The bottom line for the quick flashing comment at Reason is a suggestion that the Libertarian Convention can honor all their elected Libertarian presidents in whatever way they choose.

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