… wasn’t he a third tier presidential candidate?

I saw that Joseph Biden is, apparently, #99 out of 100 in the Senate in Income.  I find this sort of astounding, considering how long he has been in the Senate and how he is second only to John McCain in forging the Washington media train face time — turn on the Sunday Morning Talk Shows and his face will most surely be somewhere.  But I guess he hasn’t cashed out.  He worships his face and image in the mirror moreso and voice than he worships the Benjamins.  (Incidentally, without even looking it up, I am pretty sure who #100 would be.  Jon Tester of Montana, who looks as though he fell out of a worm-hole and into the Senate.)

It is with anecdotes such as that that Joseph Biden is sort of claimed to be an “asset” to getting that “blue collar” “hard working white folk” “Industrial Heartland” “Rust Belt” vote.  Never mind the most immediate vote that comes to mind when I think Joseph Biden, and the role he played in shepherding it through, and here the Delaware Connection comes into focus, the credit card industry being to Delaware what Oil is to Alaska and Texas, the “Bankruptcy Reform Act” — an act which Paul Wellstone basically single-handedly killed in the late 1990s.  I will need to fish around to find this, but when asked about (or “called out”) by a citizen about the bill, Biden’s response was, basically, to paraphrase, “Quit Being A Dead-beat.”  Sensitive to the plight of the anguished, that Joseph Biden.  I guess this is that “straight talk” I hear Biden is supposed to be famous for, whatever the heck that person’s situation may or may not have been, we can just assume.

Well, I guess Biden saved us from Bork, if not Thomas.  But even here we get a rather depressing devolution in the way these nominating processes and the general “Consensus” framework skews us toward the acceptance of these Attila the Huns.  Okay.  He coined the epithet to Rudy Giuliani’s career: “a noun, a verb, and 9/11.” — that is worth something.

But a cynic is a person who sees the cost of everything and the value of nothing.  Biden is poised to be the second most powerful vice president in American history, behind — whatshisname?  I think it rhymes with “Baney”? — and the bottom is that great “meh” which greets much of this process.  A denotation that I’m a Democrat as a matter of a shrug. 

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