Mis-used Instant Gratification

I am a little puzzled why someone would so demand to be the “first” to hear who Obama would pick to be his running mate by signing up to get his campaign text-message.  That is an item of instant gratification that sort of fizzles.  I think I can wait.  I suppose there might be some sort of instant blogging commentary that’s supposed to occur as with…  hold on a minute… Cell phone ringing.

OMG!  He picked Sebelius!  Must be trying to shore up the remaining Clinton detractors.

Or… like that.  Which, I suppose would beat out my landmark 4:34 in the morning revelation that John Kerry picked John Edwards.  Pre-Drudge, as so happened.  I am happy to say such a feat is not going to happen this time out.

Though if it is Sebelius I will claim to have had fore-knowledge and use this post as my reference guide to yell “See?  See?”

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