While Obama sorts through his Vice Presidential List

Reportedly Obama is kicking around two names for his vice-presidential pick right about now.  One is Evan Bayh.  The other is Sam Nunn.

These two names spark some more names he might want to consider.

#1:  Zell Miller.  Hey!  Paul Begala recommened Al Gore pick him in 2000.

#2:  Toby Keith.  A registered Democrat who has publicly placed his politics as somewhere to the right of Willie Nelson’s and somewhere to the left of Ted Nugent.

#3:  Joseph L… Nah, too obvious.

#4:  I guess if you’re thinking in terms of “Wise Old Statesman” from the political past with that Sam Nunn thought, um… Walter Mondale.  Or… Better yet, Geraldine Ferraro!

On that score, with the additional bonus of “doubl[ing] down the brand” #5:  Elvis Presley.

One more wild-card idea.  #6: Beige Placebo.

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