Fashion. Feh.

I saw a woman  with low-cut jeans (hip-huggers, renamed something else a few years ago) and thong underwear peaking up above the jeans.  It struck me as two things: #1: An incredibly stupid look, and the uncomfortably unsexy while seeming to be meant to be sexy (and in this case it was by a skinny woman who theoretically was someone who, quote in quote “could wear it”, but it still just looks awful).  #2:  A fashion which we passed through around 2002 and perhaps tapering off for a couple years from there which I had thought as it tapered away we were done with, and I could avoid seeing it for at least another decade when perhaps some retro-look of 00 fashion will come back to vogue.  But, no … there it was.

But viewing the fashion palette, it strikes me that we’re cycling through the 1980s and will hit some stuff from the 1990s fairly shortly.  Which is interesting, because the 1980s is a collection of retro 1950s on to 1960s fashion and the 1990s ends up being retro 1960s on to 1970s fashion.  When we get to retro 00 fashion, it will be retro 00 retro 80s retro 60s fashion, and our collective heads will just explode… along with our peaking up above our pants thong underwear, which I guess will be worn by men in our famously gender=confused and bending future.

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