Gordon Smith

I have to say, Gordon Smith — a Republican politician I’ve found not terribly annoying even if his actions show he is clearly a politician– is really starting to annoy me.  The backstory is simply that his re-election campaign has rolled from “These two state Democrats support me… to (noted by the national media)… Barack Obama once said something nice about me… to… I support my Democratic Senate colleague (Ron Wyden)’s Health Care Plan”.  But I guess he’s annoying everyone these days.  So there.

It is interesting to see how a candidate in Gordon Smith’s position handles these matters, where the state’s political climate has simply moved past you.  It is a situation that requires a light touch.  Smith is just too ham-handed, I am afraid.

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  1. Burr Deming Says:

    You pose an interesting thought.

    Ham handed sometimes seems to work in the political world. “Political Climate” is an apt term. My thought is that Senator Smith provides us with a barameter: a crude measure of how folks think the Presidential election is most likely to go.

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