I should now stop thinking of it with the phrase “Death Watch”

I’ve thought I would surely simply run out of steam and reach an end of rope with regards to posting blog entries about Lyndon Larouche’s cult. At this point I’ve tended to think of this as a sort of “Lyndon Larouche Death Watch”, which is I’m idly viewing — in that “rare species of exotic floral” kind of way — emenitions from Leesburg and various locales to see how the thing comports itself right now. The problem is, almost by design, the cult has been moribund since the late 1980s — if you look away there’s nothing much there — and the man himself for all I know will live for another twenty years, spinning even more dementia-inducings.

But the phrase “Death Watch” has taken on an ever more sinister presence. Since I started paying attention, paying attention on one level or other, I count four deaths which — perhaps removed by a few degrees — can be directly attributed to the mechinitions of the cult. The latest are Gary Genazzio and John Morris. (Not yet added to “Legacy” guestbook one can put up reminisces found here, and one memory added to Morris‘s, which I can’t find right this minute.) A google search dredges up some nonsene electoral activity — receiving a fraction of a percent for Larouche delegates to the 2000 Democratic Convention. A college newspaper gives us this item about John Morris stumping for one of those Larouche causes. An odd wikipedia arguement relating to whether an EIR article could be used as a source provides the defense with “Too bad that a fine writer like John Morris is associated with the cultist Larouche but “.

Or, in the case of Gary Genazzio, apparently his career, however far it came along and I don’t have a firm grasp, drawing comic books for Stan Lee at Marvel Comics.

Meanwhile, the Larouchian response spit out from Leesburg is as follows:

#1: A quick mention from Jeffry Steinberg in the Daily Briefing.

#2: Lyndon Larouche makes a mean joke, as follows: “Civilization can not be saved. I admit, it’s in tattered condition, but we still want to say that. It’s like an old car, it’s the only one you got; you got to repair it [laughter]. You guys know that! Sometimes you drive a car that already died! [laughter]”
#3: The deletion of a page which had “Honored the Fallen”, or some of them, of Larouche workers after discussion at FACTNet about its woeful inadequacies, birth dates not bothered to be researched to fill in and pictures missing and such.

So… A bigger Douche than you think. AND. (I’m not sure how he even came to that first pre-blogging this assessment without sticking quotation marks around “economist”, but… HEY!)

With interest, I note this new link, and wait to see if it gives anything new. I thought for a second I saw the New Republic piece from last summer, which if I had I would have had to deduct some points against that new site, but looking over it again I’m happy to say I seem to had been wrong.

3 Responses to “I should now stop thinking of it with the phrase “Death Watch””

  1. rachel holmes Says:

    Instead of Death Watch, how about Spectral Analysis?

    (ha ha–get it? Spectre/Specter, analysis thereof–play on Spectrum, analysis thereof)

    The thing is, it really is like “The Mummy’s Ghost”–a long time ago Lyn must’ve eaten some tana leaves in the full of the Moon, and since then, he’s been staggering around with his bandages coming more and more undone.

    Pretty horrifying sight, but you know in the end he’ll sink into the bog.

  2. rachel holmes Says:

    BUT–the hell of it is, do so many victims have to die first?

  3. Justin Says:


    At the same time, Gary’s brush and pencil created many headaches for the Brutish Empire, the enemies of that world of mutual benefit for all nations.


    dot dot dot.
    Just… Hm.

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