Even that guy?

From The Rolling Stone:
Even some Republicans are bewildered by the failure of Senate Democrats to stand up to the White House. “When you see a headline like ‘In The Senate, A White House Victory On Eavesdropping,’ something is wrong,” says Lincoln Chafee, a moderate Republican from Rhode Island who was ousted from the Senate in 2006 by voters who believed a Democratic majority would take on the Bush administration. “We threw out all these incumbents for a reason. But there’s been no discernible change in direction.”

Two problems with saying “even Republicans” and linking that prhase with the name “Lincoln Chafee”.  First of all, Lincoln Chafee is no longer a Republican — he became an Independent sometime after losing that election, which I assume if he wants to be governor of Rhode Island now it is his if he wants it.  Secondly, even when he was a Republican, he was a Republican who was the very definition of the phrase “Exception to the Rule”.  To wit:

When asked whether he felt that his loss may have helped the country by switching control of power in Congress, he replied: “To be honest, yes.”

This is not really a comment on the issues raised, and the narrow issue that “even Republicans” might be dumb-founded by impotence of Democrats may well be right, but going perplunking about for an “Even Republican” or an “Even Democrat” is a matter that tends to throw partisan bias into light — along the lines of picking out the supposed responsible member of the party.  View the “Democrats for Bush” website for 2004 and see the glowing picture of Zell Miller.

But I already made this remark during the 2006 elections.

In the current election cycle, Republicans across the nation are dropping the “Republican” from their name.  Gordon Smith and Norm Coleman, for example.

Partisan-wise, the Democrats m

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