Scott McClellan: The Bush Administration failed to pay him off, or got sloppy at a certain point.

“First you say that Scott McClellan was lying, now you’re saying he’s telling the truth.  You can’t have it both ways.  Which is it?”

Looking around blogs, flicking past talk radio in brief snippets, I am absolutely astounded that there are people who say something like this.  If you say one thing at one time, and then later say something entirely different, it is not mutually exclusive to say that you are lying and then telling the truth… indeed, it is practically definitional that one is the truth and one is a lie.

The problem with Scott McClellan is a sort of obnoxiousness with his job, which is a job that is hard to take seriously to begin with — I am not sure how a news organization is supposed to handle the press gaggles — maybe send no reporters over there, plop a camera down, watch but mute the sound and study body language.

The one thing that Scott McClellan has just done is remind me that George W Bush is still president and still there.  That’s something I occasionally forget.

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