Rock ‘n’ Roll

Dope addiction and the jungle rhythm of Rock ‘n’ Roll combine to complete the demoralization of many a modern teenager and destroy all racial self-respect.

The American Mercury.  ‘Twas a fascinating little right-wing magazine.  It had its points, actually.  HJ Mencken is a celebrated wit, remembered for his harbingers against William Jennings Bryan.   But the 1930s brought with it a heck of a panic, as the nation demanded government intervention and their brand of conservativism faded out of style — entertaining and interesting to stick around.

Post-war, came this dire threat of Communism within and without, and the magazine was something along the lines of Reader’s Digest.

Shortly before a conviction, for employing a minor to transport marijuana, took Gene-Krupa temporarily out of circulation, he was shown by Time magazine of April 28, 1941,taking part in an experiment that the American Museum of Natural History called a lecture and demonstration on “The Origins of Primitive Rhythms.”  Quoting Time:  “Crouching like a witch doctor over a clattery battery of traps, perspiring floppy-haired Gene Krupa beat out African War dances and eight-to-the-bar boogie woogie bumps … Lecturer Krupa’s workout underlined a well-known point:  that jazz stems from Africa, via the Southern Negro.  Drummer Krupa played records of drum work by the Royal Watusi … He banged on signal drums, war drums, dance drums.  He showed how his own famed Blue Rhythm Fantasy (scored for fourteen percussion instruments) is based on Bahusu chants and dances…”  Confidential Magazine of September 1954, carried an article titled “They Pay Off With Death”:

“Many of the hepcats of jazz are demanding dope instead of dough for blowing their blue notes.  Here’s how they’re getting paid — by hypodermic …” 

The hep-cats are paid off with drugs.  Who influence the culture with…

Evidence of the systematic lowering of literary, dramatic, artistic, and musical standards stare you in the face on all sides.  It is obviously a major item in the brain-washing technique necessary to clinching the power of the International Welfare State.

I don’t know why the magazine would use the term “International Welfare State” when it clearly means “International Communism”.  This is November 1958, by the way.

That the sinister program of racial intermixture could advance so far without noticeably arousing the wrath of American parents will forever remain a mystery.  Probably much of the blame rests on the annual “Brotherhood” farce.  Initiated in 1934 as “Brotherhood Day” and becoming a full week’s observance in 1940, “Brotherhood Week” — under the nominal sponsorship of the National Conference of Christians and Jews — has become a nationwide Hollywood show that plays up anything and everything but true brotherhood based upon fundamental doctrines of Christianity.

So the conspiracy of Love and Brotherhood continues to this day.

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