Operation Pulling Crap Out of His Butt

Right now, Rush Limbaugh is engaging himself in a massive act of onanism, bahind the banner of “Operation Chaos”.  This is at first rather standard fare — a usually ineffectual cross-party stunt effort which surfaced with Romney and the dailykos earlier this year, here asking his Republican listeners to switch parties and vote for Hillary Clinton in order to prolong the nomination process and bloody the eventual nominee for the general election.  Oregon Republican chattering class has its own version — no doubt Lars Larson, Reinhardt wrote an op-ed regarding it, the website of Victoria Taft entertains the notion.  The good news for Oregon Republicans is that the state party is dead right now so they won’t be missing anything down-ticket, and indeed switching parties is the only way they will have any say in the Attorney General race.

Limbaugh continues on and gets carried away with his notion, lining his sights on a reprise of the 1968 Democratic Convention with rioting and looting in the streets, the betterto “expose the Democratic Party as captives of the far Left”.  It is a strange fever dream indeed.

What makes this a masturbatory exercise on Limbaugh’s part is the self congratulatory cheer of “We Did It!” upon Hillary Clinton’s 9 point something victory in Pennsylvania.  Just as with any other state, and just as with states where Independents can vote in the party primary (I don’t think there are any where party registers can vote in the other party), the rather small number of Republican voters who switched to Democrat broke heavily for Obama, a portend of things in November and a good off-shoot to the margins in the blue-collar and rural and largely Catholic vote Obama is struggling with in the primaries.  They probably not so much defied the mechinitions of Rush Limbaugh as they were never aware of these mechinitions in the first place.

Now that I think about these things, it strikes me that Limbaugh is stunningly irrelevant to the days’ electoral flow, his last visible imprint seems to have been the aiding of the election of Claire McCaskill in knocking Michael J Fox.  Sean Hannity, on the other hand, has stuck his nose into mainstream discourse, and thanks to him I now know that Obama has exchanged pleasantries with a member of the Weathermen.  It really is… Raining Men.

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