Cause he’s that guy, and he should know it… gonna make it after all.

So, Shannon Wheeler and This Guy , along with who I assume was German White Chocolate Girl with Almond, were performing at my regular coffee-house this morning for the benefit of Fox Channel 12 news promotional filler.  And I remembered why I became sick of the whole enterprise about a decade ago.

I should not be so mean.  It is just that the absurdist observational humor, from watching the enactments of the three scenes, tended to degenerate into that one joke singing about caffeine addiction, and I can’t say I really need to see that.  Also I half wanted to strangle the News – caster for 12, but end up having to shrug it off as a necessary promotional item.  In the end one offers Shannon Wheeler the best of luck, and forgives him the quarter he owes me.   (He is the fourth most famous person to have commented on this blog — that’s worth that quarter, right?)   He’s come aways in 15 years, I suppose.

The man in the red costume did smile directly at me, which was welcome because otherwise I was stuck looking at the red flap over his butt.

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  1. shannon wheeler Says:

    I still owe you that quarter. You should have bugged me at the shop and I would have paid you.

    We picked parts of the opera that would read for the fox audience and we followed the lead of the interviewer. It’s not my favorite way to sell work that I’m proud of, but the reality of marketing is a hard thing to fight. The opera is actually about love, fear of engaging life (how it’s easier to sit and comment than it is to actually do things), the failure of relationships, and how working retail really sucks. Maybe there’s a little bit more about ‘the love of coffee’ in the opera than in the comic, but basically, the opera is about the same crap I cover in my comics.

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