Hillary Clinton: the Problem Continues

Yes, Yes.  I know that Hillary Clinton has connected herself to that very same Right-wing Conspiracy she blasted off in the figure of Richard Mellon Scaife.  But that is almost beside the point.  Almost.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has become a mad scramble to legitimize the most undemocratic part of the Democratic Party nominating process, which has surfaced in the way of rebuking Nancy Pelosi’s helpful suggestion / hint that superdelegates may just lin up behind the popular vote and delegate count winner.  So the Clinton campaign informs us that this does not fall into what the party had in mind in when they set the system up in 1984.  Which, as I already rattled off, what the party apparently had in mind was bolstering the chances of Walter Mondale so as to defeat the possibility of the 49 state loss disaster of George McGovern.

The word on the street is that Hillary Clinton is rolling into the “Tonya Harding Option”.  I never fully understand these post-modern politics we have, whereby the public is supposed to not just respond to the tactics “Tonya Harding Option” but also the full awareness that the “Tonya Harding Option” is now being employed, the wink and nod and marionette strings.  Understand, the 3 AM phone call ad was perfectly legitimate, and naturally exposed in full an item of vulnerability in Obama’s candidacy he will just have to shore up largely with is veep pick but also with a strong suggestion that the “You know that old Beach Boys song?” message of John McCain’s is not where we want to travel as a nation.  What is not good from the Clinton candidacy is the appearance of the message of “Clinton loves our country.  As does McCain.”

This has lead more than one to speculate that Clinton is now running for the 2012 election, after a McCain — yes McCain — term.  I was with that one first (or before this found its way into the zietgiest), though I guess I can’t take credit for that since I did not bother to record it.   I guess we will have a better idea of this when we get to the 2008 DNC Obama nominating convention by the tone of her speech.

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