Goddamn America, please bless it: Rev Wright Take 5

I heard a classic song the other night from Nina Simone, which reminded me of one comment made within the Reverend Wright controversy.  The comment was the blacks shouldn’t say “God Bless America”, blacks should say “God damn America.”

The Nina Simone song… Mississippi Goddamn.

Which, of course, you could replace “Mississippi” with any number of locations in America at any number of racially charged incidents.  Everybody knows about Detroit Goddamn.  Everybody knows about Los Angeles Goddamn.  Everybody knows about Little Rock Goddamn.

Goddamn America; please bless it.

But the controversy has shifted slightly.  At the moment there is a mild whoop-de-do at one phrase in Obama’s speech, regarding his aunt “She is a typical white person.”  I have to roll my eyes at this one and ask anyone bothered by that one to please grow up.

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