cyber-bullying psa

There is this PSA advertisement I keep hearing on the radio which bugs me just a tad.  It takes a firm stand against that oh-so-controversial of issues, Bullying — more to the point “Cyber-bullying”.

I will assume the two girls are about 13 years of age.  I will call them Suzy and Sarah, because I don’t remember their name.  So Sarah’s mom says, “Oh hi Suzy.  The kids are in the kitchen making sandwiches.”

Cut to kitchen.  Where Suzy unleashes a torrent of insults at Sarah.  There is a familiarity to it all, even if I can’t say many of them were directed at me.  (Boys differ from girls in their bullying.)

The announcer comes on.  “You wouldn’t say this in person.  So why say it online?  Delete Cyber-bullying.  Don’t send; don’t forward; don’t respond.”  — AND let ‘er rip, another message from the “Ad Council”, I never too sure if this really reaches it’s targeted audience.  (There are a slew of them designed for that rough age group — something about baaing sheep and remaining “above the influence”–, and I’m largely roaming the am dial and hearing them there.  AM dial.  AM dial.  Tween early teenagers.  Bit of a Disconnect.)

The problem with this public service announcement ad… Yes, yes a thirteen year old girl might say that all in person.  Or, kids can be so mean.  Thus we have… a disconnect, and until that disconnect is solved, a message that misses its intended mark.

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