The Inanity of Drudge

I was looking through the listing of blogs for results of the primaries held on Tuesday, and unable to find percentages for either Obama’s or McCain’s victories, I shrugged and clicked over to Drudge.  The top headline was marked with Obama, and on to a link to an article.  But the first item on the left-hand sie struck me as rather…

There was a headline “Hillary Wears Thatcher Red”, and that we get a side-by-side image of Hillary Clinton and Margaret Thatcher wearing similar red dresses.

I understand the color red in fashion denotes “Power”, thus a wise decision for a politician needing to display confidence.  Also all men should have red ties in their assembly of ties, worn when you need to impress someone.

Beyond this, I have to say that I have no clue what Drudge is driving at here.  Further, the thought pops up that a drone at Drudge saw Hillary Clinton, made a connection with Margaret Thatcher, rumbled around for a photograph of Thatcher, went into adobe and spliced the two photographs next to each other, and uploaded it ontoDrudge.

The banality and triviality of it all overwhelms me — part of which is the simple fact that this will be surely be replaced with an equally banal and trivial item of concern.

I heard a criticism of media coverage of our electoral system as “Theater Review”, personalities take over any policy concerns, and coverage is focused in on a dramatic storyline of who is up and what is down.  In terms of Personalities, you can at least make the case that this shows the way to how a politician will be governing in Office.  But somewhere beyond that we have a Costuming note, and one I cannot say I would have much noticed, and one I am overwhelmed by just how underwhelming it is.

Again: What the Hell is the matter with Drudge, and what is wrong with me that I fail to understand him?

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