a subtle McCain gaffe

During the Republican primary debate last night, Mitt Romney attacked John McCain’s “Conservative Credentials” by charging that nobody who gets the New York Times endorsement can really be that conservative.  The New York Times endorsement was largely a huge slap at Rudy Giuliani, with a decision to line up behind McCain due to his anti-torture stand — as opposed to Romney’s line that he would like to “Double” Guantanamo.

I do not know where a Conservative should head in choosing between Mitt Romney and John McCain, and won’t try to parse out a good position.  But I did run another slap against John Mcain’s “Conservative Credentials” in the news weekly which recently had a cover feature on John McCain.  (I cannot always tell the three apart, particularly two of them.  I think it was Newsweek.  It might have been Time.)  According to a slight aside feature on the nature of the McCain campaign bus, the television is always turned to…

either ESPN or MSNBC.

MSNBC?  Home of Chris Matthews (worked in the Carter administration, and in the right wing view of things where we have an odd “either”/”or” positioning, a big fat LIBERAL), and the down-right Communist Keith Olbermann.

Everyone knows what channel it should be turned on for the sake of the Republican primary voter, and the true-red Conservative.  Where the heck is the Fox News?

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