New Years’ Resolution


And off with the head of 2007!

When this year ends, the nation will have elected a new president. And that will be the end of the Bush Presidency. Or, 20-some days shy of the end. But we will all mentally think of the new Guy (or Gal) as President.

And we will, from that vantage point, be able to better digest the meaning of the eight years of George W Bush. If there is any meaning to it, which I’m not entirely sure there is.

New edict: Let’s start referring to the man by his middle name. “Walker”.

I think the mental trap of thinking beyond Walker came with the 2006 elections. At that point, one could think ahead, but then the mental jumps just sort of lag as you look around, and see that Wallace is still sitting there, sputtering away. Maybe the primary season, up suddenly in less than 48 hours with Iowa, will get me past that hurdle.

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