The Mitchell Report

Who isn’t a fan of Steroid Abuse, I mean really? Steroids Saved Baseball! You had the strike in 1994, you had fans declaring they would never come back, you had — in particular — two superstars inject themselves with Steroids, and then you had the fans come back in droves. Yay Steroids!

I would be suspicious of a professional sports team where I knew that there were no users. We need victories, after all. The thing about the Mitchell Report… compile an all – star team made up of the players Mitchell has named. Have the players in their post-steroid usage play themselves from the season before they individually injected crap into their asses.  One team would beat the other team every which way past Sunday, and the Greek Gods of Olde will smile down on them.  Case in point, this man… who, reportedly, started with the Steroids in 1997, stopped, then started with the Steroids — I haven’t scanned the reports, but judging by the stats I’d guess — 2003?


In other repercussions in the world of sports… I hope George W Bush focuses on the issue of Steroids exclusively in his final State of the Union Address, and dedicates his final year in office to nothing else besides cleaning up professional baseball of Steroids. It beats anything else he might want to do with the office.

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