2008 Campaign round up, agog

Mike Gravel … hm.  Huh.

So, what happens if Dennis Kucinich wins the Democratic nomination and Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination, as Kucinich suggests he’d tap Paul as his vice presidential pick?  Would Paul reciprocate and the nation be faced with a choice between Kucinich – Paul and Paul – Kucinich?  And once the close-to-socialist/close-to-libertarian ticked gets elected, would the vice president be assassinated, ala Garfield, to get their ideological man into power?

Nothing of any note happened in the Hillary Clinton campaign this past week.

Alan Keyes is as upset at being excluded from the Republican debate as Gravel is for the Democratic debate.  Unfortunately, he has not churned out a youtube video about it.

Mitt Romney’s poll numbers are dropping as people take a gander at him and realize that he in fact a Robot.

John McCain has been endorsed by a paper that regularly endorses losers.  It is considered a crowning moment in McCain’s election comeback.

I note anecdotal approval of Joseph Biden’s presidential campaign coming from various spots.  I do not understand these people.

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