Craigslist-related crimes are becoming so well known that several Web sites and blogs have been established to track them.

One – – is operated by a true-crime buff who uses the name Trench Reynolds to avoid retaliation, he says.

After starting his first blog on school shootings in 2000, Reynolds said he began noticing news stories about crimes related to the Internet, including many connected to Craigslist and such social Web sites as MySpace.

After starting a Web site dedicated to such crimes, he soon realized that the majority were connected to just one site – Craigslist – and started the Web site dedicated to it.

A blog about school shootings?  Huh?  Now, I’m a little bit more interested in reading a news article about such a thing as they happen than most, but really… Who the hell starts a blog about school shootings? That seems like a rather morose and odd hobby, and not particularly a pleasant addition to a blog-roll.

Which reminds me:  my subscription to “Abortion Magazine” has run out.

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