I cannot quite recall the headline for the “Street Final” edition for the front page of either the Thanksgiving Day or the Day-After-Thanksgiving Oregonian, and the oregonlive website is the most impossible-to-navigate website out there, but searching through google news, the headline was something to the effect of:

Iraq wants US forces for long-term stay

There are many variations of this headline, some approaching accuracy better than others.  IE:

Bush, al-Maliki sign agreement on troops in Iraq

… considering those were the two parties involved in all of the millions of individuals in the US and all of the millions of individuals in Iraq.  Not even the respective legislative bodies of the two countries, such as they are.  Actually, looking down the headlines with the key search words, I see contradictory headlines, IE:

2008 ‘final year for US troops

That one must have been earlier in the day.  Before events on the ground changed.  Familiar to when Bush spoke of the pride of Iraqis in wanting America to leave, eventually, the same with America.  Not that anyone believed him.  It was a transparent falsehood, and understood as such.

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