Flow-chart for my reaction to Trent Lott news

Hey.  What?

I always wanted to see him with his hair-piece off.

Why would he quit at this insane time?   Oh, that’ s interesting.  New Ethics rules comes into effect at the end of that year which force a two year wait between Congress critters and a job as a lobbyist.

… Hm.  Does this mean that a Democrat might win a Senate seat in Mississippi, and we can expand the number of Republican senate seats up for re-election to 23?

Oh, damned.  Republican Governor appoints replacement.  New Quasi-incumbent likely win.

… Hm.  Rumor of involvement in Alaskan oil scandal that is dragging down Senator Stevens.  Oh, whatever

… Hey, wait!  Rumor of Gay Hooker!

Okay now this is getting stupid.

Oh Strom Thurmond, where are you now?

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