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I think we can acknowledge something here and now.  Spokane, Washington has a thriving closeted gay community.  (So much so a La Center man will traffic over there.)

(As though torn from today’s headlines, this headline, from 2005.)

And Larry Craig has certainly crossed the Idaho border before… or is that activity confined to Minneapolis bathroom stalls?

Not to go all “Brokeback Mountain” on you, but maybe all munipicipalities have “thriving gay communities” — it just so happens that only a handful of zip-codes might elect one to a political position, hence… a thriving closeted gay community.

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  1. D714 Says:

    A gay person who lives in a Idaho (or other conservative thinking states) would have to appear straight to be elected. Once elected the person he has to vote for his constituents preference. I don’t think it’s being a hypocrite, rather its being a pragmatist which all politicians are. The best commentary I’ve seen is located at (you may have to copy this address and paste it into your browser.)

    Well worth the effort. The publicized reality right now is in Idaho though.

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