“Fetish Ball”

Rolling around the am dial Friday evening, I found myself at the local conservative talk show host Victoria Taft. She brought on the Presumptive Next Mayor of Portland — Sam Adams. I refer to him as “Presumptive Next Mayor”, particularly as the man who would have been his fiercest competition crashed and burned in trying to spread rumors that he had sexual relations with under-aged staff — and I am obliged to mention that the last “Presumptive Next Mayor” did not make the transition to “Mayor” — instead ending up “Election Loser”.

Apparently there is this big bugaloboo in Conservative Portland circles about a “Fetish ball”, and apparently at a Human Rights Oregon function, celebrating a civil partnership bill’s passage, cards were handed out by the organizers of the Fetish Ball as invitations? Apparently. I will have to take her word for it. Anyway, the interview began with the question “Were you invited to the ‘Fetish Ball’?”, with Sam Adams’s response: “Huh?” Once the premise was explained, all the Democrats had invitations to the Fetish Ball, Adams wandered over to a tongue-in-cheek comment that Taft is the most attractive talk show host he knows (I will note for the record that Sam Adams is gay) , somewhere approaching how I would have answered but not quite, which is:

Are you… jealous… that you didn’t get an invitation? Disappointed that you don’t get to go?

And from there it wanders into the arena of Tom Potter’s bail-out in the middle of the street renaming flap (replete with the line that pretty well sums up his position right now), the bike controversy, and I don’t know… I turned it off because I half wanted to know where the Fetish Ball talk was supposed to end up.

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  1. Victoria Taft 5-8pm KPAM 860 Says:

    The question about the fetish ball was not my first question. It wasn’t even my fourth question. I should know, I was there. Thanks for being a 5th Listener, however. Don’t forget 5-8pm on KPAM 860 is where to find me.

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