Pebble in a pond gathers more moss

It appears that FACTNet hasn’t paid the bills.  All very disappointing, having thought they had pushed their way past their financial crisis of a few months ago, and knowing this is probably the most interesting moment for discussion on the topic of L’Affaire Larouche.  (FACTNet, in the eyes of Larouche, Inc., a product of the American Family Association.)

Anyway, the posts (hopefully temporarily unavailable), all I can say is that Scott McLemee beat me to the punch in one observation:

Some ex-members think his recent proclamations are touched with senility, as opposed to the more cogent expressions of bizarre thought they were accustomed to hearing back in the old days.

I had my own formulation in mind, but not having access to the source material to make the comment with, I will just have to say my bit of snark lines up with that one.   At any rate, Larouche has come to claim Pelosi as being controlled by the Kennedy-cabal, which means Joe Kennedy, and by dent a sort of Republican – Democratic duoply is existing with Schwarzenager married to a Kennedy.  Odder than the hard to follow throughlines — John Kennedy is occasionally celebrated by Larouche — he built the space-program and thus there is one of those big shiny things that follow to the throughline of the MegLev Bridge — or whatever else it is you want.  Can John Kennedy escape those bloodlines, even if assasinated?

As for The write-up on the Washington Monthly mainpage,  the line that and it won’t provide you with any red meat attacks on either Democrats or Republicans — Well, it did inspire one, of sorts — ala a tossed reference to “Independent Democrat” by way of a snarky comment against Joseph Lieberman.  Hm.  I can point to this stupid bit of politicsal exchange with my recent Larouche cult poster:

Me:  Speaking of Al Gore’s vice president selection: I did not much appreciate what the Larouchites did to help defeat Ned Lamont and re-elect Joseph Lieberman in the last election, acting like yahoos and thus giving Lieberman that smug answer to the question of “Who are those guys” “Oh, just some Ned Lamont supporters!” A net gain for Lieberman, albeit an “infinitisimal” one.

He:  Your analysis of the Lieberman race? Hmm. Sorry Justin you can write up this stuff but shucks we just don’t see eye to eye. I think Lamont blew it himself and Lieberman… well, gosh don’t call me an anti-Semite, or a Nazi, for saying this but Joe has Semite blood on his hands.

Me: My analysis of the Lieberman race? Um. You seem to think I’m giving Larouche a whole lot more credit than I just did.

Me:  (Witness your mis-read on my comment on the Larouchies helping out the neo-con agenda visa vie Ned Lamont, who the “3-4 folks” who frequent the category on Larouche have no concern regarding.)

He:  LaRouche helped the neo-cons, yeah and I ate a piece of steel today — like Matter-Eater Lad.

… All of which took up more space here than it is worth, for a minor point that could have been made with the similar observation that the Washington Monthly article includes a glowing recommendation in the ad-box from James Carville, and in the Larouche-universe the Clintons (including Carville) and he are oh-so-close and in battle with the Felix Rhoyatin elements of the Democratic Party (now, apparently, the Joe Kennedy lead elements of the party).

Okay.  Moving on: Controversy grips Northern New Jersey.  Methinks the problem doesn’t stop at “past history of anti-semitism” with the donations.  Anyway, that guy’s political career is done.


Update:  Comments will be interesting to read with this article, and here “res republica” tries to convince himself of Larouche’s relevancy.

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  1. Sancho Says:

    As a former LaLouche cult member, I am forced to agree. I don’t see anything in these recent formulations in re Pelosi that are nuttier than utterances made over thirty years ago when the Rockefeller family was blamed for the single-handed promotion of evil and all ill in the world – and then around 1977 when the Rockefellers were dropped literally almost overnight and it became the “British” who were so responsible. Thus this Pelosi nonsense, while sheer nonsense, is no more so than all of LaRocuhe’s fulminations over the decades.

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