I guess his check cleared…

At first I thought I saw an advertisement for the upcoming return of Jesus Christ and the Good Times He is sure to Bring — in The Washington Monthly magazine, but looking into it it’s an advertisement for the upcoming return of the Buddha — or some derivation thereof — seems to be a newly minted creation…

… with seemingly the same consequences.  Jesus is coming with him.  As is everybody else.  With their attendant End of World purview, even if they contradict each other and themselves.

I don’t quite get it.  Why is there an advertisement for the Apocalypse in this political magazine?  Is this the equivalent of the occasional sighting of Reverend Moon conferences I see in newspapers (The Oregonian, for example) from time to time?

Whatever pays the bills.  I hope this isn’t the “Political Left” I occasionally hear about trying to gets its voting clout together.


(By the way, be sure to pick up the next issue of The Washington Monthly.  I’m not in it, but I’m closer to being in it than in any other issue of any other publication.)

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