petty crimes one approves of

I’m a day late and a dollar short with this, because it is somewhat frivulous, but…

Nolan Cunningham.

Years ago, just a month or so into moving into Portland, I watched a small group of scamper away from the very same fountain.  They had done the same little stunt, poured soap into the fountain.  I walked away, and walked back.  When I came back, what I saw was a whole mass of peoples having fun, tossing bubbles around, making bubble sculptures, enjoying the scenic beauty of the overflowing bubbles.

I do not know the cost benefit analysis in terms of what it takes to simply drain the fountain and re-stock, so I cannot quite say how much this is worthwhile.  I hazard to guess it is worth it.  The fountain is dormant for about half the year anyways.
Which brings the odd statement about “shaming” the young man who did this.  I scratch my head at that one.  Now that we know his name and face, and as he does his community service, I suggest giving him a verbal pat on the back, a thumbs up.  One might also suggest how to avoid the security camera for the next time, if he should so choose to do so again.

Sorry, city government of Portland.  You lose in your game of “shame”.

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