The Larry Craig Story

I suppose we can back to the halycon days of 2006, when a Gay Activist outed Larry Craig.  And we can flash forward to 2007 when, in the wake of Larry Flynt and whomever it was that exposed Mr. Vitter of soliciting prostitutes — with Flynt moving full blast on his sources, unsaid and under his breath (as well a brief flash from Bill Maher on Larry King, scrubbed off of youtube) — I could swear I could read Larry Craig’s name beneath the lines.
Craig denied the charge of his gayness.  As he still does today.  And, indeed, people who have homosexual sex in public restrooms tend not to consider themselves gay.

Rumours are always true, except when they aren’t.

There is either an upside or a downside to the Larry Craig case.  I now know more about the intricacies of how one propositions for public toilet sex than I did before.  I would have to figure that such a routine as that which Craig performed exists, but now I know, roughly, what it is.

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